Adaptation to climate change

Principal actions undertaken in 2017 to adapt to climate change and preserve resources:

For a year, the logistics platform of Apt and the Froment plant (a total of 17,000 m²) has been using LED lighting, enabling it to reduce their annual electrical lighting consumption by 85%, which amounts to a 35% decrease in the total electrical consumption of the Apt site.
Since August of 2017, the new logistics platform (9,200 m²), built by the Group in Poland, which includes the administrative offices, is also equipped with LED lighting.
At the end of 2017, the entire 3,200 m² of administrative premises on the Apt site was  converted into 100% LED lighting.

The electrical consumption on the Apt Site is approximately 700,000 kWh (2017).

The carbon footprint is 4.2 tonnes of CO² annually for our Apt site.

For 20 000 m² of premises on our Apt site, an average of 35 kWh per m² is consumed annually – i.e. € 4/m² annually.

With respect to the workforce present on the Apt Site, that represents more than 4,700 kWh per person annually (approximately 500 euros), compared to the average consumption of a French household of 4 persons, which is 4,700 kWh annually.

The head office uses 100% of renewable energy, with an EDF contract providing a low carbon footprint of 6 g/Kw/h (instead of 22.5 kg/Kw/h), which is only 28 kg of CO² emitted annually per employee solely for our electrical consumption.

Our emission of CO² from electricity is equal to the annual emission of 2 motorcars, since we also produce solar energy that compensates for 400 Kg of CO2.

For many years, DELTA PLUS has been purchasing and installing computer equipment that uses less and less energy. It is systematically replaced every 3 to 5 years depending
on the type of equipment.
New copiers and printers that have been available since January 2018, and the procedures related thereto, improve our environmental practices during our printing.

DELTA PLUS produces 40,000 kWh of renewable solar electricity in Apt annually.
Since February of 2018, more than 1,650 m² of parking shade screens have been operated by URBASOLAR.
The estimated average production of shade screens on DELTA PLUS’s Apt site is 343,000 kWh annually, which is equal to:
• The annual consumption of 125 households – i.e. 287 habitants,
• The economy in the emission of CO² is 116 tonnes – i.e. 3 lorries.


Finally, the roofs of our Chinese site’s dormitories (available to the workers on the site) that have been built in the vicinity of our plant are equipped with solar panels.
They supply the dormitories’ water boilers with electricity.