Anticorruption measures

The DELTA PLUS GROUP has recently taken measures to combat corruption and facilitate fairness in business. The values of integrity, honesty and transparency guide our Group in its activities. We are strongly committed to respect of these values and principles in order to combat corruption. To that end, we have implemented a corporate approach, and the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s Board of Directors has approved an anti-corruption code of conduct that specifies the measures applicable to all of our Group’s companies and employees. It was adopted on 4 December 2017.
This code applies to all of the employees, managers, members of executive committees, and corporate executives of the Group. It sets the rules and principles that employees must comply with in carrying out their professional activities. It supplements the rules, procedures and standards defined in each country, to which the employees must continuously refer.
As of 1 January 2018, all of the employees working for the DELTA PLUS GROUP are required to comply with this code of conduct, regardless of the place and nature of their work. The DELTA PLUS GROUP ensures that its employees share the same values.
We monitor the proper practices adopted in our Group, and a training programme has been developed by our employees who are particularly exposed to this sensitive matter. We intend to improve our internal practices and make our employees aware of the need for such practices -- if necessary, through the application of sanctions if they fail to comply with this code of conduct. In the next few years, we will develop our anticorruption policy and the means to monitor its application in the entire Group.
The combating of corruption is a vast and complex task that no company can undertake alone. We are proud to share these values with our principal customers and suppliers. Each subsidiary is also committed to this anticorruption approach. The managers of subsidiaries must, when such appears to be necessary –taking into consideration the location of the subsidiary, its distributor, and the local practices– take measures to actively combat corruption.