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Commitment #8cycle de vie produit
Product life cycle analysis
Product life cycle

This is to identify all the stages a product will go through in its life.

  • Its Its raw materials : extraction and processing
  • Its production : manufacturing techniques and packaging
  • Its transport : from the place of production to the place of distribution
  • Its distribution : where and how it is sold
  • Its use : use, washing and maintenance
  • Its end of life : repair, recycling, destruction

As a manufacturer, Delta Plus Plus can therefore systematically integrate its sustainable development policy from the design stage to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

Our concrete actions
Commitments and projects
Internal Eco Score

We have developed a simple scoring system that can be adapted to all product families in order to assess the environmental impact of our products. This eco-score will allow us to:

  • Classify our products and therefore target actions.
  • Be transparent with factories and suppliers in order to carry out improvement actions.
  • Share improvements between the different product families.
  • Nurture strategic avenues.
  • Integration of Eco-design in briefs and specifications.
  • Start-up of products or projects linked to recycled or non-fossil materials
  • Reduction of the amount of packaging on certain products, and use of easily recyclable materials, particularly in the fall protection range.
  • Creation of a project group in collaboration with our packaging expert in order to duplicate good practices on other PPE families and find potential solutions for improvement to be reproduced.
Collection of end-of-life products

A project to collect PPE at the end of its life, to promote recycling, should be launched in 2022 for boots.