Training policies

Various types of training are offered to employees of the DELTA PLUS GROUP.
All of our subsidiaries provide new employees with training for their proper integration in the company, which includes a description of the DELTA PLUS GROUP, the subsidiary to which they are attached, and products of the DELTA PLUS GROUP. Also, case by case –depending on the needs of the new employee’s particular job– supplementary training on various subjects (safety rules,
product training, sales training, etc.) is provided. Safety training (fire, risks, etc.) is also provided.
In our French companies, training in English is provided in group courses that employees may attend at their request or at the request of their managers after an annual individual meeting with  each employee. This training enhances the French employees’ ability to participate in the international development of the DELTA PLUS Group.


The total number of training hours

1,376 employees were trained by the company during the 2017 fiscal year (all types of training: integration, product training, safety training, etc.). There were more than 9,400 training hours in the DELTA PLUS GROUP. Inthe French structures alone, the number of training hours was 2,986 for 192 trainees.
Training courses generally take place in the company. However, training regarding safety is frequently provided by specialized outside trainers.