General environmental policy

In order to limit paper communications with our subsidiaries, we have implemented various systems for the transfer of data by electronic means:

  • A “File Transfer Protocol” server has been set up for the transfer of voluminous files.
  • An INTRANET system enables the dissemination of information among the various departments of the same entity, as well as among the departments of the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s subsidiaries. This system, in effect since 2009, is used by all of the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s employees.
  • The teams of the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s various subsidiaries are aware of the importance of minimizing paper copies, and they distribute this message to their interlocutors.
  • The use of emailing for our sales activities also reduces the dumping of waste paper, thus minimizing our impact on the environment.
  • The use of the latest generation of photocopiers provides an eco-friendly solution through employment of organic electroluminescent materials and clean energy. This equipment is also configured to print by default on both sides of a page, thus minimizing waste paper.
  • A website transferring large files is used to send photos to our customers instead of using CD ROM, which also helps minimize our impact on the environment.

All of these systems also minimize use of postal mail and, hence, emissions of CO² related to transport.
When employees are hired in the production subsidiaries, they are made aware of the need to prevent environmental risks and pollution. During their integration training, and then as they carry out their work, they are informed of the proper practices to be adopted for prevention of environmental risks and are advised of the methods for management, treatment and elimination of waste to avoid any form of pollution of the soil and subsoil.
More generally, most of our subsidiaries also recommend that their employees take simple measures to avoid environmental impacts from their activities, particularly through emailing or posting notices on billboards.
Finally, it is to be noted that the DELTA PLUS GROUP is not subject to any procedure that necessitates constitution of provisions or guarantees related to environmental risks, or which might in the long term impose an indemnification with respect to environmental matters.