Relationships with suppliers and the importance of subcontracting

In relationships with its various suppliers, the DELTA PLUS GROUP puts a strong emphasis on development of durable business relationships based on mutual trust.
To bring this approach to fruition, the DELTA PLUS GROUP advises its suppliers of its requirements by means of a Purchase Policy that defines each party’s roles and responsibilities and sets forth the values promoted by the DELTA PLUS GROUP and conveyed by the Purchasing Department.
Hence, each supplier, prior to developing relationships with the DELTA PLUS GROUP, is asked to read the Purchase Policy and become a signatory thereof.
The Purchase Policy constitutes a guide in the business relationship between the supplier and the DELTA PLUS Group, in which the supplier’s responsibilities are detailed, with a focus on three main areas:

  • Compliance with labour law
  • Respect of the environment
  • Honesty and confidentiality (in particular anti-corruption)

This approach embodies the action that the DELTA PLUS GROUP is taking on behalf of human rights.
This Purchase Policy, signed by each supplier of the DELTA PLUS Group, also insists on compliance with various aspects of the ILO (International Labour Organization) conventions (abolition of child labour, abolition of any form of forced labour, respect of freedom of association and protection of the right to organize, non-discrimination, decent working conditions in offices and plants, working hours and wages in conformity with the applicable legal minimum). It imposes on each supplier the commitment to abide by the rules enacted by the fundamental ILO conventions reproduced in the Purchase Policy.
During the inspection by the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s purchasers at the suppliers’ premises, any clear departure from the commitments that a supplier made upon the signing of the Purchase Policy is reported to the Purchasing Department, and the latter may take all necessary measures, even up to termination of the business relationships with the supplier that breached its commitments.
Only those that sign the Purchase Charter become suppliers of the DELTA PLUS GROUP.
The Purchase Department takes into account the supplier’s management of labour and environmental matters, and its proper management of transactions. Hence, The DELTA PLUS Group may verify that the supplier’s practices are satisfactory, or may contribute to improvement in said practices.