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Commitment #9loyauté des pratiques
Loyalty of pratices
Loyalty of pratices

It involves identifying the risks to which employees and the company are exposed, characterising the probability of their occurrence and the seriousness of their consequences.

  • The DELTA PLUS Group's management expects its employees to behave responsibly and respect the values and principles of its anti-corruption plan. This plan is based on the "Code of conduct and anti-corruption measures" (in accordance with the Sapin 2 law) and on a training and evaluation system for employees (those most exposed to the risk of corruption), implemented in the form of an E-Learning test.
  • The objective is to deploy this plan at Group level by distributing it (hand-delivered, posters, presentations, training, etc.), to monitor it through procedures put in place to ensure that current and future employees have the information, knowledge and good practices, and to ensure that there is a follow-up and resolution to each case reported.
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Commitments and projects
Code of Conduct
  • The code was updated in December 2019, and it is planned to review it at least every 2 years.
  • The code is communicated to all employees: by hand-delivery with signature on a sign-in sheet, by hand-delivery at the time of hiring, by display (employees in factories and warehouses) or sent by email and returned with signature.
Exposed personnel and training
  • Analysis of the results of the risk mapping enables the identification of the most exposed personnel. A list of exposed persons' functions is also defined.
  • Updating the list of exposed/highly exposed staff and their degree of exposure allows the training plan to be updated (anti-corruption e-learning for those exposed to a higher risk) and the participation rates and results of the training to be monitored.
Code review
  • Updating the code of conduct in line with legislative developments over the past year in order to check the adequacy of our anti-bribery plan with the standards in force and adapt it if necessary.