Organisation of work time

Each subsidiary of the DELTA PLUS GROUP is subject to and applies the local regulations regarding the weekly working hours. The working hours vary from 35 hours in France to 48 in Costa Rica and in our plants in India and the United Arab Emirates.
By virtue of the agreements regarding the “35 hours”, employees in French subsidiaries are entitled to compensatory time off (known in France as RTT) or an adjustment in their working hours. Part-time employees remain very few in number (used mainly when employees are on parental leave for educational purposes).
In the DELTA PLUS GROUP, the average of weekly working hours is higher for production and logistics platform activities than for administrative activities (distribution and services subsidiaries).
Some of our manufacturing plants and logistics platforms have adopted night-time working hours (which is the case in our plants in India, China, Argentina, Brazil and our logistics platform in France). The teams work in shifts applicable in each establishment as a function of the local labour law and customary practices.