A differenciated & unique offer

The Delta Plus offer is built around two concepts strongly differentiating:

A global offer

Delta Plus covers the 5 major ranges of PPE and thus is a multi-specialist and ‘‘one stop shopping’’ offer provider.

The ‘‘value products''

Products developed in the aim of providing more to the user at the best price.

Our strategic business units analyze the users behaviour and needs to offer products in line with the risks identified in the workplace.
From the most specific to the most technical need, Delta Plus can provide adapted PPE solutions with comfort, look and all necessary services.

Thus, thanks to its global offer and its services, Delta Plus can propose a protective solution for each job sector:
- agriculture/green areas, construction/civil engineering, second work/craftsman, heavy industry, light industry, services/logistics, hygiene environment, oil/gas, mining, wind energy.


R&D - Innovation

R&D (Research and development) is an integral part of our strategy. Delta Plus lean on a team of 50 people specially dedicated to R & D. Each year we invest 4 million euros to:
- develop new products (around 200 products per year).
- maintain a network organization with centers of expertise (plastics, mechanics, textile, shoes, respiratory, project engineering, safety equipment for building).
- create internal laboratories. (7,000 hours of test / year).
- conclude long-term partnerships with experts and external companies.
- maintain our quality management labels according to the ISO 9001standard.





Delta Plus made or is making its global offer.

8 production sites worldwide

Delta Plus ensures quality and manufacturing control of its products whether in their own factories or their partners’ by imposing:

  • Respect for the common manufacturing charter
  • The constraints of their technical specifications
  • A series of tests during and after production 

All group production sites operate under the certified quality system ISO 9001. All the concerned sites are certified according to Article 11B of the European Directive 89/686/EC - Module D2 of the European Regulation 2016/425 (PPE Category III disabling or fatal risks).

For increasingly integrated manufacturing


of our fall arrest range
of our head range
of our shoe range