Our organization

Sale expertise

  • Daily presence of our sales representants closest to the customers.
  • Skilled call centers to deal with the orders and the after sales service.
  • Training of sale forces.
  • Specialists to advise and help with the choice of PPE.
  • Services and training through our Delta Plus Training unit.


Presence in the world


Logistic/Supply chain

5 logistics platforms

Direct sourcing solution for a full range of PPE.

2 logistics platforms (15 000 m²) :

Chine: in Wujiang,
Inde: near Calcutta

- Deliveries on the 2 local markets
- Intermediate storage of production
- Optimisation of lead times for European platforms
- Direct shipments of complete multi-product containers worldwide.

Through this organization, the DELTA PLUS group is able to meet your most diverse demands, from the delivery of an order of several thousand parts to the timely delivery of a few units. 

3 logistics platforms (30 000 m²) to serve you throughout Europe: 

France: at Apt
for Western Europe. 

Poland: at Siemianowice Śląskie  
for Central Europe. 

United Kingdom: near Manchester 
for the UK and Ireland. 

2 intermediate warehouses in Europe

Croatia (Zagreb)
Greece (Markopoulo Attica)

12 intermediate warehouses (10 000 m²) to serve other areas:

Argentina - (Buenos Aires)
Brazil - (São Paulo)
Canada - (Toronto)
Colombia (Bogota)
Peru (Lima)
Costa Rica (San José)
USA (Shelton CT)
Philipines (Manille)
United Arab Emirates (Dubaï)
Russia (Moscow)
Ukraine (Kiev)
Turkey (Istanbul)


Through this organisation, DELTA PLUS offers you access to its range wherever you are in the world with the most efficient service level on the worldwide PPE market.



Thanks to its worldwide distribution network, you are guaranteed full access to DELTA PLUS anywhere in the world. 
Today, the DELTA PLUS group covers more than 110 countries with 45 distribution subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, America and its Grand Export department. 

10,000 distributors worldwide.
The implementation of our distributors, their storage capacity and delivery associated with our service rates are assets to make Delta Plus® personal protection solutions available to users more effectively.

55 000 m² of storage


  • A commitment to product availability and to deliver our customers in 3 days
  • A worldwide computer network
  • Flows optimalisation.