Relationships with the agencies involved in the company’s business

In France, the DELTA PLUS GROUP is a member of the National Union of Actors involved in Prevention and Protection (known in France as SYNAMAP). SYNAMAP is a member of the French Standardization Authority (known in France as AFNOR). It participates in the seven commissions for standardization regarding individual protective equipment (IPE). It chairs the IPE General Commission and is an ex officio member of the AFNOR’s Strategic Steering Committee for “health and safety at work”. It also participates as needed in the technical committees organized by the European Committee for Standardization (known in France as CEN) regarding IPE.
By virtue of its membership in SYNAMAP, the DELTA PLUS GROUP participates in:

  • Promotion of the prevention of injuries to, and protection of, workers.
  • Enhancement of individual and group protection.
  • Development of partnerships necessary for stimulating prevention and protection.
  • Strengthening of relationships between the profession and the French and European public authorities.
  • Rationalization of the procedure for preparation of European standards.
  • Application of regulations.

Except for this membership in SYNAMAP, each subsidiary of the DELTA PLUS GROUP is autonomous in its decision to develop relationships with agencies.
Certain subsidiaries do so, particularly by developing partnerships with schools and educational institutions, consumer associations, environmental protection associations, residents’ associations, business associations or nongovernmental agencies. That is true of 70% of our subsidiaries.