our commitments
Commitment #7maîtrise des ressources
Resource management
Resource management
  • At Delta Plus’ head office in Apt, we track and monitor our consumption of electricity, water, gas and fuel. An eco-citizen project has been set up to raise awareness among all employees and highlight the company’s values.
  • At our other sites (Delta Plus China, Delta Plus India, the logistics platform in Poland and Delta Plus Systems), an inventory of the sources of environmental damage is being carried out in order to set up indicators and seek actions to reduce these impacts by 2023.
Our concrete actions
Commitments and projects
Reducing our consumption
  • Recognition of our environmental commitment with the renewal of our ISO 14001 certification in 2021.
  • Stabilising our consumption under equivalent climatic, organisational and health conditions.
  • Acquisition of workflow software to dematerialise the most paper-intensive processes.
  • Study of environmental analyses of ISO 14001 certified sites: Delta Plus China and Delta Plus Systems.
  • Carrying out an inventory of the resources consumed by the sites in the new scope: China, India, Poland and Delta Plus Systems.
  • Definition of quantitative objectives adapted to the sites concerned.
Raising awareness among our employees
  • Uniting our teams and increasing everyone’s involvement around common environmental values.
  • Topics under study and/or being deployed: recycling in the office, switching to reusable cups, setting up beehives carpooling, etc.