Our commitments
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Supplier involvement
Supplier involvement

The involvement of suppliers in our CSR approach is part of our commitment to protecting people and the planet.

The first step is to make our preferred suppliers aware of our CSR approach and then to assess where they are in relation to this approach in order to support them as best we can.

The final goal is to be able to consider the evolution of their CSR commitments as other supplier management criteria, or even to make it a future selection criterion.

Our concrete actions
Commitments and projects
Charter of commitments
  • In 2010, we started to have our suppliers of finished products sign an annual Charter of Commitments to respect human rights and the conventions of the International Labour Organisation, to respect local rights and to protect the environment and intellectual property.
  • In 2019, we conducted the first CSR audits of our preferred suppliers. The report and our expectations on the selected topics were communicated to them and have been followed up regularly since then.
  • Annual follow-up of the themes already integrated with the selected suppliers: 5.
  • Introduction of new themes in 2021 (Wastes and Cycle life products) for resource management: 2. All criteria will then be covered.