Our commitments
Commitment #12Supporting local actions
Supporting local actions
Supporting local actions
  • This means supporting local players in the areas where the Delta Plus Group operates, in three areas: social, environmental and societal.
  • Accompanying and raising awareness of the Group's teams to promote Delta Plus' values and by getting involved in local actions.
Our concrete actions
Commitments and projects
  • Inventory of the actions carried out by our subsidiaries through an annual campaign.
  • N/N-1 comparison to check the sectoral evolution and to note the achievement of the fixed objectives
  • Reminder of the methodology and sharing of our thoughts on good practice (top/down).
  • Request to share local experiences and best practices bottom/up
  • Identification of feedback
Local actions at headquarters
  • Determination of selection criteria for actions to be supported (minimum cost/maximum benefit ratio, sectors to be favoured)
  • Opening of an ideas box among employees