Mission - Vision - Values

Our mission

Delta Plus’s mission is to protect the man at work. To achieve it, the Delta Plus team has mobilized its know-how, its imagination, adaptability and pioneering spirit to design, manufacture and distribute a full range of Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.).


Our vision

Being a key brand in the Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) market through the positioning of our company.

Our values

Our values focus on 4 basic cornerstones: 

  • Entrepreneurship: Flexibility, reactivity and efficiency should always prevail.
  • Family company: Human has a central place in our jobs. Direct contacts and interchanges are priorities.
  • Curiosity: Being global, multicultural and open minded is a real asset to succeed.
  • Long term oriented: Giving a vision over the next 10 years and always prioritizing long term.
Delta Plus Mission - Vision - Valeur