Warehouse Manager

The job

Delta Plus has several logistics platforms of which the main one is located at the headquarters. The warehouse, with an area of 15,000 m² thus plays a strategic role as regulator of the supply chain. The Warehouse Manager's main responsibility is to oversee and organise the operational tasks of storage in order to ship client orders in the quantities and time frame required. The main directions of his activity are divided as follows:


  • First he ensures the optimisation of the daily tasks in order to facilitate flow (unpacking, returns, preparation, shipment). 
  • His role is also to ensure the updating of inventory and transfers to other depots.
  • He optimises the operational costs and ensures the purchase of warehouse consumables.
  • As a manager he allocates the workload within the warehouse's operational staff and organises inventories with the logistics manager.
  • Finally he ensures the overall stewardship of the building and participates in the improvement of safety conditions.

The profile

The holder of a minimum of a Bac+2 specialised in logistics and transport, you already have successful experience in this field.
 You are organised and meticulous in managing all aspects of the operation of the warehouse. An excellent manager, you know how to manage a team and create a good social atmosphere. As a manager, you are familiar with specialised software for setting up instrument panels, inventory tracking, etc ...