Working conditions

Working conditions for health and safety

A risk assessment plan to improve the conditions for safety at work is regularly updated and continues to be implemented in the DELTA PLUS GROUP.
In France, a monitoring of these conditions is carried out in collaboration with the members of the Committee for Health/Safety and Working Conditions (known in France as CHSCT).
In France as well as abroad, all of our premises provide safety instructions that are given to employees and posted in each subsidiary. As a mandatory obligation, our plants and logistics platforms provide safety instructions for use of dangerous machinery and equipment.
In view of the nature of our business, we ensure that all of the employees of our plants and warehouses are provided with individual protective equipment.
Finally, regarding health, the DELTA PLUS GROUP, for many years, has offered employees of its Chinese and Indian subsidiaries annual medical examinations free of charge to enable them to have regular health check-ups.


Occupational injuries

In 2017, seventy-one occupational injuries that occurred at the workplace, or while going to or from work, were recorded in all of the DELTA PLUS GROUP’s subsidiaries.
The rates of frequency and seriousness vary significantly from one subsidiary to another. Overall, injuries are more frequent in our production plants and our logistics platforms. In 2017, they occurred in our plants in South America, China and France. The rates of seriousness remain relatively low. The overall rate of frequency in the Group is 9.2%.2

2. The overall rate of seriousness in the Group cannot be calculated in a significant was as the information regarding China was not available on that date.


Employees’ quality of life at their workplace

The various subsidiaries of the DELTA PLUS GROUP are automatically equipped with minimal facilities that are required at the workplace – i.e. access to lavatories and potable water.